I’d like to be able to comment on my experience with BookLikes, but I can’t “get in” and, apparently, I’m not the only one. Better be paying attention when that verification code comes in. I obviously wasn’t! 🙂

It’s not unusual for sites to “move on” — Goodreads was sold to, and Shelfari, as well, and Shelfari has now been merged with Goodreads. Dizzy yet?

What confuses me about the BookLikes situation, though — their copyright notice is still dated 2015 — is that I see sponsored posts from them on Facebook, and regularly receive emails from them — almost too regularly — which is interesting since I didn’t verify the account.

BagEndBooks is posting regularly, so it would seem the issue was resolved — I didn’t see a follow-up to the original rant — as I can’t imagine trying to write book reviews on a smart phone for very long! So I’ve sent my email for help, and hopefully a response is forthcoming. Why do I always find these things on the weekend?

Update 17 February 2017: Still no response from BookLikes. It would appear the site and it’s email system are on auto-pilot for now.

Update 21 February 2017: Almost as if by magic, I got a response from BookLikes yesterday! My account’s been verified and it’s ready to go! Looking forward to trying it out as soon as possible.