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8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

Neil Pasricha’s article in the Harvard Business Review has eight great suggestions on time management and organization: Centralize reading in your home, Make a public commitment, Find a few trusted lists, Change your mindset about quitting, Channel your reading dollars, … Continue reading

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Study Guide to Wheelock’s Latin by Dale A. Grote

Digging around for my old Latin resources, I was relieved to find that the Study Guide to Wheelock’s Latin by Dale A. Grote was still freely available online. As we all know, however, when it comes to the InterWebs, too … Continue reading

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How to Study Wheelock’s Latin

Why study Latin — or any language for that matter? For one, I’m lately finding several things I would like to read but have not been translated into English. Further, I’m becoming more cynical about translations in general — you … Continue reading

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The Cornell Note-Taking System

The Cornell Note-Taking System isn’t for everyone, or for every book — it’s actually designed for lecture notes — but it is extremely useful in the right setting. I created this template several years ago for my son to use … Continue reading

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LibraryThing claims on their about page that it is “an online service to help people catalog their books easily.” There’s a lot more going on than that — so much so that you can get lost for hours just exploring … Continue reading

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