New Wheelock’s Beginner Group Start Date Set

The new Wheelock’s Beginners Group (Suo) is a go and the first assignment is due June 18th. This group won’t be using 38 Latin Stories or Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes.

See the LatinStudy List for details.

New Wheelock’s Group on the LatinStudy List

There’s been discussion lately of starting a new Wheelock’s group on the LatinStudy List. A start date hasn’t yet been announced. Initially, I was thinking how I’d love to participate in that, but there’s just no time. But I just want to make the time. So I dug out the old books over the weekend […]

How to Study Wheelock’s Latin

Why study Latin — or any language for that matter? For one, I’m lately finding several things I would like to read but have not been translated into English. Further, I’m becoming more cynical about translations in general — you really are at the mercy of the translator when it comes to interpretation. And language […]